83yo UK lollipop man ordered to stop high-fiving children and focus on the road

An 83-year-old from the UK, whose job is to help school children cross the road, has been told to stop giving the kids high fives.

Colin Spencer's been working as a lollipop man for 14 years and he says it's one of the best jobs he's ever had.

"I always look for the smile, and when they come around the corners or down the road, they're all grinning and waving," he told ITV news.

"It's great, it boosts me."

His employer - Stockport Council - has recently told him to stop giving the children high fives though, saying it distracts him from traffic.

But the children don't agree.

"I don't understand why we can't high-five him, because its not like he's hurting us or anything," one child said.

"He's really nice to us and he's never mean, so I always high-five him," said another.

However, the council says crossing staff need to be constantly aware of traffic and even if Mr Spencer reckons he can do both, he's got to stop for now.

Mr Spencer says he'll follow the council's instructions, as he doesn't want to lose his job.

But he won't stop children high-fiving him of their own volition while they're crossing, as he'll be too busy focusing on the traffic to notice.