Australian galah 'Harri' reunited with family after luxury cruise around NZ

An Australian galah who stowed away on a ship has been reunited with her family after enjoying a cruise around New Zealand in her own private cabin.

Harri was discovered aboard the Sea Princess cruise ship as it travelled to Fiordland on January 24, three days after it had left Australia, 7 News reports.

The captain quickly informed biosecurity officials in Australia and New Zealand and was told to keep Harri in quarantine until she could be collected.

Australian agriculture officials contacted her owners, the Brisbane-based Cozzi family, who were coincidentally on a cruise holiday of their own.

The family had been heartbroken when Harri went missing on January 13 and had begun to think their pet was gone forever. They got a shock when the Australian government called to tell them not only was Harri safe and well, but she was across the Tasman Sea.

"We are very excited to have Harri home because she is a much-loved member and indispensable part of our family," mother Michelle Cozzi told 7 News on Sunday.

"It was amazing to discover she had been found on another cruise ship. It was just the best news possible."

Harri stayed in her private captain until the end of the voyage, visiting Dunedin, Wellington and Auckland before being returned to Australia.

She's now returned home with her family, where she will remain a strictly indoor pet.


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