Australian men hug after bizarre train fight

Two men have hugged and apparently made up after an aggressive fight on a train in Sydney.

Filmed and posted online by a bystander, the two strangers launch from one side of the train to the other, taking jabs at each other.

One of the men, considerably older than his opponent, bleeds profusely from his eye as a result of being hit and the younger man's shirt is torn open. It's unclear exactly what they are scrapping about or what set them off.

Judita Aku-wei Winter, who filmed and posted the video to Facebook, was one of several witnesses who watched the fight unfold.

One bystander instructs another to contact the police, but it appears that the men had made up before it got to that stage.

"Look, you had a crack at me first, this is not how I intended my night to go... I'm trying to get home, I have work in the morning," the young man is heard saying to the older one.

"If you don't mean it, I don't mean it."

The two men then hug it out, and the video ends shortly after.