Boatie left adrift for 16 days survives on Doritos diet

A man who ran out of fuel in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean has survived alone for 16 days thanks to a small supply of corn chips and biscuits.

Samuel Moss Jr was a little too ambitious as he sailed across the rough seas around the Bahamas on Saturday, January 13, failing to turn around in time to get back to land.

The error of judgement proved costly, as Mr Moss Jr exhausted his fuel supply and was then forced to drift in the choppy water for days on end in his angler.

The 23-year-old, who had already got himself lost at sea for three days in a different boating incident in 2017, was forced to live on a diet of biscuits and Doritos as he drifted for 16 days.

His supply was completely taken out after day 12, when a large wave struck his vessel.

Fortunately for Mr Moss Jr, he was eventually spotted after fashioning a sail out of canvas and directing himself - albeit accidentally - about 16km off the coast of Florida using his anchor.

His boat, which had taken on a worrying amount of water at this stage, was spotted by a fellow boatie, who alerted the US Coastguard.

Medical officers say his electrolyte levels were worrying low when they found him.


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