Body artist tattoos entire face, eyeballs, mouth

  • 26/02/2018
Body artist tattoos entire face, eyeballs, mouth
Photo credit: Instagram/ Eliinkpiercer

A UK man has made the curious decision to tattoo his entire body and face - including his mouth and eyeballs.

Eli Ink, 27, has spent 10 years tattooing layers of black ink into his skin, and says he sees his body as a canvas for his art.

"I want to look like an abstract character in one of Picasso's paintings," he told The Daily Mail.

He said his passion for body modification through tattoos and piercings is a "risk taker's lifestyle", which can have serious complications if it goes wrong.

Mr Ink has thousands of followers on Instagram, and his girlfriend also shares his passion for tattoos and piercings.

In addition to his face full of ink, Mr Ink has huge stretchers in his nose, mouth and upper lip.

He told The Daily Mail he plans to spend the rest of his life modifying his body.