Burglar accidentally knocks accomplice out with brick

An attempted burglary in China went horribly wrong after one burglar knocked the other unconscious with a brick.

CCTV footage posted to Chinese social media site Weibo by Shanghai police has already been viewed 15 million times, the Daily Mail reports.

On the post, police said they wouldn't have to work very hard if all criminals were that inept.

The attempted break-in took place early in the morning on February 14, outside a warehouse in Shanghai.

In the video the men can be seen walking across a deserted car park before arriving at the building and pulling out bricks.

The first man successfully completes his throw at the side of the building, and walks away to give the other man a clear shot.

However as the second throws his brick, his partner walks directly in front and is hit in the head.

He appears to be instantly knocked unconscious, falling  to the ground face-first.

The man who threw the brick quickly attends to his fallen partner and drags him out of the sight of the camera.

Local police are yet to find the pair and do not know the condition of the injured man.


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