Buy an island for half the price of an Auckland home

You could get 26-hectares of unspoilt beauty - but there's a catch.
You could get 26-hectares of unspoilt beauty - but there's a catch. Photo credit: Richard Gibson Architects

For less than half the price of an average Auckland home you could buy you own private island.

The 26-hectare island of Linga is up for sale, just off the coast of West Shetland, Scotland. It's been uninhabited since the last resident died in the 1930s.

The island will set you back £250,000 - or NZ$478,000. The average asking price across New Zealand in 2017 was $660,798 and the average value for Auckland homes was $1,051,762.

The island comes without traffic jams, urban sprawl, or noisy neighbours. The island has a stunning view, while you're just a short boat ride away from the picturesque village of Walls.

The island is available for sale through Vladi Private Islands.

"It is a place of spectacular scenery and beauty with an abundance of wildlife," the website says.

"This is an exciting development opportunity with the island having planning consent for the building of a pier and storage shed with reception area, new agricultural buildings, a two acre loch with traditional watermill as well as the rebuilding of the two derelict cottages and the erection of a new cottage."

However it's no tropical paradise. Average temperatures in winter hover above freezing, while the average summer temperature is a mild 12degC.

There's also no power supply, running water or inhabitable buildings.


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