Costa Rican healing retreat bans white people, men

A retreat offering meditation, yoga and reflection has attracted headlines all over the world for banning white people and men from attending.

The Women of Color Healing Retreat, held in the southeast Costa Rican city of Puerto Viejo, is designed as a sanctuary from the "racist ideology" of the US, and to connect African-Americans "to nature and themselves".

Founder Satya X says the retreat's goal is to have a week of healing and community building, which involves "enriching women-centred" workshops, hiking, swimming, meditating and self-care practices.

But the retreat founder's denial of Caucasian and male attendees has garnered the most attention, following a recent video report by Vice News.

In the footage, retreat runner Andrea X says she feels as though white people are "everywhere".

"I feel white people shouldn't even have passports," she said. "I have no tips for white people, let us have our space.

"Let us have our room and [you] hang out with other white people - you've done enough damage."

Andrea X says the ultimate goal of the retreat is to create a "community of black people" living in the central American nation.

She denied that idea could be viewed as motivated by the same hatred as white people who want segregation from blacks.

"It has nothing to do with [anyone else]. This is about us healing our community."

In another part of the video, retreat-goers said they would struggle to be as open and honest if, white people had been allowed to attend.

For many, the presidency of Donald Trump had pushed them to travel to go on the retreat.