Cow escapes trip to slaughterhouse, swims to freedom

A Polish cow has escaped death by swimming to an island.
A Polish cow has escaped death by swimming to an island. Photo credit: Getty

After a dramatic escape from a van bound for a Polish slaughterhouse, a cow has found safety living alone on an island.

The animal was one of many being herded from a farm shed onto a cattle truck in southern Poland in January. Perhaps sensing that the drive wouldn't end well for her, the cow rammed a metal fence and took off.

The cattle owner, whom Polish media have identified only as Mr Lukasz, tried to force the cow back onto the farm, but she wasn't having it. Instead of giving up, she broke a farmworker's arm and made a run for the nearby Lake Nysa.

Polish current affairs show Wiadomosci reports the cow was seen diving underwater and swimming to one of the islands in the middle of the lake, where she has stayed for the past three weeks.

Mr Lukasz tried in vain to retrieve the animal. Firefighters used a boat to get to the island, but the cow simply swam away to a neighbouring peninsula.

The cattle owner was reluctant to shoot the cow because it would mean losing money. After several days, he gave up trying to retrieve her and has reportedly been delivering food to the island for the cow to stay alive.

Polish politician Pawel Kukiz posted to Facebook about his desire to save the cow and have her transported to a safe place to live out her days in peace. 

A local political leader has reportedly said the cow will not be killed.


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