Dashcam captures near-miss between Melbourne skateboarder and car

The near-miss.
The near-miss. Photo credit: Dash Cam Owners Australia/YouTube

Dashcam footage has recorded a close call between a Melbourne skateboarder and an oncoming car.

The skateboarder was crossing South Yarra's busy Toorak Rd, entirely oblivious to traffic coming through a green light.

When he noticed he was about to crash into the car, he panicked and quickly jumped off the board.

Luckily, the driver slammed on their brakes just in time to avoid collision.

Though the car had right of way, the skateboarder stared down the driver and took a photo of the car's license plate on his phone.

Video of the near miss, which happened on January 22, was uploaded to YouTube by Dash Cam Owners Australia.


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