Dog tries to make pancakes, accidentally starts a small fire

Dog tries to make pancakes, accidentally starts a small fire
Photo credit: Facebook/Southwick Fire Department

A US fire department is stressing the importance of working alarms after a home security camera filmed the moment a dog accidentally started a small fire inside somebody's house.

The Southwick Fire Department in Massachusetts shared the footage to Facebook on Tuesday, January 30 showing a dog stealing a pancake left on the stovetop.

Unfortunately the dog accidentally lights the gas oven's ignition, and its owners are not home to turn the stove off.

Eventually another dog appears and both watch, seemingly unaware of the danger, as a small fire develops and smoke fills the room. They then fall asleep unconcerned.

Thankfully a smoke alarm alerted emergency services in the area, who quickly extinguished the fire and reassured the confused dogs with some pats.

The fire department says the video is a great example of why it is important to ensure items are not left on the stove when you're not there and pets are around, even if it's turned off.

"We always caution about putting items on the stove," a spokesperson said on Facebook.

"If you have pets or young children in the home look into safety covers for your stove controls."