Horsing around: Video captures dog riding on top of a pony

The dog on Cricket the pony.
The dog on Cricket the pony. Photo credit: Facebook/ Callie Schenker

A Missouri woman has captured a pair of very unlikely friends on video, arriving home late one night to find the neighbour's dog riding her pony.

Callie Schenker found this 'dog and pony show' when she arrived home from McDonald's one evening, and noticed the pooch sitting on top of her small horse, Cricket.

"So we pull back in our driveway tonight and this is what we see," she wrote on Facebook.

"This is not our dog! But apparently him and Cricket, the one-eyed wonder pony, are best friends. I'm stealing the dog, new circus act!"

In the video, Ms Schenker wanders up to Cricket and makes a noise to beckon him over, but the pony trots away with the seemingly unbothered dog on top of him, while Ms Schenker laughs.

The unnamed dog, believed to be a corgi, belongs to the neighbours and apparently visits the property often.

The video quickly went viral, achieving more than 63,000 reacts and more than 90,000 shares.

It has been viewed more than 5.4 million times.

Commenters loved the combination of Cricket and the dog, describing them as secret friends.

"That is so funny, the look they gave you when you caught them lol," one commenter wrote.

"This is so stinkin cute! Midnight rider, secrets pals," another said.

Ms Schenker says the video's popularity took her by surprise. She has now started a page called "Cricket and Pals" to share more funny images and videos of her pony.


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