'I'm gonna f**k you' - Aussie MP 'brandishes knife' in parliament fight

An Australian politician claims a fellow member of the Labour Party whispered threats in his ear and wielded a butter knife during an alleged fight in Victoria's parliamentary dining room.

The incident is now under investigation by the parliament's presiding officers after John Eren, Victoria's Sports Minister, complained about it to Speaker Colin Brooks.

Mr Eren accused former minister Adem Somyurek of pulling out a butter knife while swearing at him in Turkish, in an incident that was witnessed by two other MPs.

One of the witnesses told Seven News Mr Somyurek whispered "I'm going to f**k you" in Mr Eren's ear before picking up the knife.

Mr Somyurek, who is in the process of forming a new faction of the Labour Party, admits to whispering something but says he can't recall what.

However in a statement posted to Twitter, he said there was no threat and no knife, just "robust discussion".

"I made a comment to Mr Eren in the bar about internal party matters and returned to the dining room, where I was having dinner with colleagues, including the Minister for Consumer Affairs," he said.

"I proceeded to return to the dining room for dinner. I was surprised when Mr Eren followed me into the dining room, clearly agitated.

"We then had a robust exchange in our native tongue, which was a brief conversation. At no point was I holding a butter knife. At no time did I threaten anyone."

Minister for Consumer Affairs Marlene Kairouz confirmed Mr Somyurek's version of events to The Age, saying he "did not see a knife in anyone's hand and did not see a physical altercation".

Seven News reports that Mr Eren is now considering whether to report Mr Somyurek's alleged actions to Victoria Police.

Mr Somyurek is in the process of forming a faction of the Labour Party in Victoria. It is believed the fight between him and Mr Eren is centred around that.


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