Man and biological daughter face incest charges after allegedly having a baby

Steven Pladl and his biological daughter Katie Pladl.
Steven Pladl and his biological daughter Katie Pladl. Photo credit: Wake City-County Bureau of Identifcation

An American man and his biological daughter who plan to marry are facing incest charges after allegedly having a baby together. 

Police say Steven Pladl, 42, of Wake County, North Carolina gave Katie Pladl up for adoption as a baby, but she contacted her parents when she was 18, WNCN reports. 

She lived with her biological parents and their two children in Richmond Virginia in August 2016, before the couple legally separated.

The wife, who has not been named, told police her husband would sleep on the floor in Katie's room in the months before she moved out. 

In May last year she read in one of children's journals that Miss Pladl was pregnant and Mr Pladl was the father.

According to the arrest warrant, Mr Pladl had asked the children to call Miss Pladl their step-mother. 

It also stated that the wife had called Mr Pladl and confronted him about what she had read. 

Mr Pladl reportedly told his wife he was the father of Miss Pladl's child and the two planned to marry.

The pair then moved to Wake County and in November last year police issued warrants for their arrest. 

Both Mr and Miss Pladl were held at Wake County Detention Centre pending extradition in Virginia charged with incest with adult, adultery and contributing to delinquency.

Mr Pladl was released on a US$1 million bond. Miss Pladl was issued the same bond but remains in jail.

The pair made their initial court appearance on Monday.