Melbourne school suspends student who created 'hit list'

Melbourne school suspends student who created 'hit list'
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A Melbourne high school has suspended a student who created a 'hit list' and spoke about killing his classmates.

The unnamed Melbourne Grammar School student ranked and chastised fellow classmates, and made at least two references about killing students.

The document, called 'HITLIST 2018 (REVAMPED)', was circulated around senior students.

"I don't think I'll be able to kill him he never shows up anyway," one entry said according to The Age.

Students were criticised for being gay, for being a feminist, for having bad teeth and for having low IQ.

The school's management informed Victoria Police, who told The Age they would not take action at this stage.

The school quickly suspended the student after the list was brought to light.

Headmaster Roy Kelly told The Age: "We regard this incident as a very serious matter. We consider the actions of the student involved in creating this list to be unacceptable.

The health and safety - both physical and emotional - of all students at Melbourne Grammar School is of paramount importance."