Molly the adopted pet pig eaten by new owners

Molly, a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, was supposed to have found her forever home after being adopted out by an animal shelter.

Instead, her forever home ate her.

Last year, Canadian SPCA branch manager Leon Davis rescued 57 piglets and nursed them back to health.

One was named 'Molly' and she was adopted out to new owners, who signed a contract which specifically stated that Molly couldn't be killed or eaten.

But the new owners didn't know how to look after the little pig so they slaughtered and consumed her, CBC reports.

They then reportedly Snapchatted photos and videos of themselves seasoning and preparing Molly's meat.

Their actions have left Mr Davis heartbroken.

"First reaction I'd say was shock. Heartbreak. You know, all the animals that come through our care or branches we get attached to," Mr Davis told CBC.

"To hear that somebody did this to an animal that we worked so hard to make sure was healthy, and tried to get into a good home, is absolutely heartbreaking."

The SPCA is unable to prosecute, as it's not a criminal offence to breach that contract and Molly was killed humanely.

Mr Davis says the SPCA would have taken Molly back in if they'd known there were problems, and he wants the law changed to prevent owners from killing their pets.

"People can lie, I suppose, and there's not always a way to tell," Mr Davis told CBC.

"But we try to impress on people that we're here to support and help if anything's gone wrong."

The owners have been banned from adopting new animals.