Parents who appeared on Dr Phil for help now charged with daughter's murder

The adoptive parents of a disabled teenage girl have been charged with her murder after appearing on Dr Phil to appeal for help.

Sandy and Casey Parsons took their niece Erica in after her birth mother was unable to raise her. But in 2011, the 13-year-old went missing from their home.

Two years later, Erica's brother reported her disappearance to police, telling them his parents had "killed Erica and buried her in our back yard".

After police launched an investigation, the Parsons went on Dr Phil, pleading for the return of their teenage daughter.

The pair claimed Erica had gone travelling to a farm with an 'Irene Goodman', a woman they claimed was her biological grandmother.

But Dr Phil questioned Casey, saying "but the police can't find any Irene Goodman... we can't find any Irene Goodman and we've done everything we can... every 'Irene Goodman' we've found has no connection to this case whatsoever".

"This just has a stench to the whole thing," he told the parents.

They were found guilty in 2014 on federal fraud charges after claiming adoption assistance even after Erica was no longer living with them. The pair had also continued to claim Erica on their taxes.

Then in 2016 Erica's adoptive father led investigators to where he had buried the body.

According to a graphic autopsy report, which came out last month, the teen had suffered from malnourishment and had broken bones all over her body.

The Parsons have been accused with an attempt to "destroy and dismember human remains of Erica Lynn Parsons... including removing body parts and otherwise obliterating any portion thereof".

They have been indicted on counts of first-degree murder, felony concealment of death and obstruction of justice.


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