Pennsylvania Labrador mix dog Abby returns home after missing 10 years

Abby. Photo credit: ABC

A Pennsylvania family has had a joyous reunion with their family pet when she was returned to them 10 years after a mysterious disappearance.

The Suierveld family assumed Abby was dead after she wandered away from their Apollo home in 2008, the Associated Press reports.

However, it seems she had simply moved on for a bit, as a very looked-after Abby appeared on George Speiring's porch 16km west of their house.

Local charity the Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley was able to find the microchip that identified her as the Suiervelds' dog and get in touch with the family.

Mother Debra Suierveld said she was shocked to hear of Abby's reappearance and very happy to have her back.

Ms Suierveld's now-Ohio-based daughter was especially excited, bursting into tears over the phone when her mother told her the news. The now 22-year-old had been a child when Abby disappeared.

The family is planning to hold a special reunion dinner for Abby on Sunday to welcome her home after such a long time away.

"It feels like a part of my kids' childhood is back, part of our family is back," Ms Suierveld said.

"It's pretty awesome."


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