Pipe organ ruined after drunk former Freemason crashes in it

"Things just got a little bit loose."

That's apparently how a Queensland former Freemason found himself drunk and naked inside one of the state's biggest pipe organs.

Glenn Langford, 51, was granted bail after he allegedly broke into and flooded Brisbane's Masonic Memorial Centre on Wednesday night, setting off a fire alarm in the process.

He was found in the centre's Grand Hall with a remote-controlled police car, toy guns and half-eaten cheeseburgers he says were meant for the homeless.

"I was out of it, just let me go," he told a 7 News reporter who accosted him outside court.

His lawyer told the court he'd downed a bottle of Johnnie Walker whisky after losing his job and breaking up with his partner of 16 years, and had good intentions.

As for why he was naked, Mr Langford had no idea.

"I can't explain that."

He was released under the condition he stay at least 100m away from the Masonic Centre. Something else he'll be avoiding? Whisky.

"I'm gonna see a shrink and don't drink," he told 7 News

The pipe organ was built in 1930 and insured for more than $1 million. The centre's caretaker believes it's ruined. Mr Langford has also been charged with damaging part of a decorative wall.

"I apologise to all the righteous Freemasons everywhere," said Mr Langford.

According to its website, Freemasons Queensland "is part of a centuries-old tradition of helping men become the best they can be".

"We are not a religion, a cult or a conspiracy. Nor do we have any sinister motives or practices," its site reads.

Freemasons Queensland emphasised to Newshub that Mr Langford was not a current member of its organisation.


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