Plastic tanks shipped to Antarctica to house staff restoring Borchgrevink's Huts

Three giant circular plastic tanks have been shipped to Antarctica for conservationists to live in, while they restore the first building on the continent.

The 'turks', as they're called, were originally designed as a prototype for an emergency backcountry ski hut in Arrowtown.

Three have been transformed at one of the harshest places on the ice - Cape Adare - into a living area, a work shed and a store room.

Staff building the sheds originally anticipated they would take 18 hours to put together, but they were fully constructed in little more than nine hours.

Conservators will use the tank huts over the next four years while they work on saving Borchgrevink's Huts.

The huts were built in 1899, and still contain many of the original contents including bunks, the stove, clothing and papers.


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