Reddit users share their countries' craziest laws

  • 14/02/2018
Judge holding gavel in courtroom
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Redditors have shared their countries' weird laws and some of them are certainly raising eyebrows.

In a post to AskReddit user the_realCOSMONAUT asked users to share laws they found stupid.

The most popular comment was from Swaziland, where they have an odd law about how high a witch can fly.

"Ya'll chill," the user wrote.

"Law in Swaziland forbids witches to fly more than 150 meters above ground."

Ontario, Belgium and Utah also featured on their list for their strange laws.

One user suggested a law in Ontario which forbids users from driving or racing a horse or any other animal down the highway.

In Belgium it is apparently illegal to pick confetti up off the ground and throw it back in the air.

Utah forbids marriage between cousins, but only if the cousins are over the age of 65.