Scotland's first sex doll 'brothel' shuts down days after opening

  • 16/02/2018

An unconventional brothel has suffered a premature evacuation after complaints from neighbours.

Steven Crawford opened a sex doll brothel out of his own home in a small Scottish village south-east of Glasgow just days ago.

The brothel gave paying users the opportunity to have an intimate encounter with Faith, a sex doll made from latex, for £60 ($114) an hour.

However Mr Crawford's neighbours have taken issue with the money-making scheme following the initial media coverage he received. He has now rescinded the ad that earned him the initial publicity to avoid their ire.

Fifty men had already made formal enquiries for a stint with Faith, but Mr Crawford said many weren't legitimate and only two had physically visited.

"Unfortunately I have upset a few neighbours, but they'll notice I don't have any visitors and I never really intended to," he told The Daily Record.

"It wasn't really a brothel - I just wanted to build trust and publicity to establish a customer base and hire out equipment."

Mr Crawford says he's now shifting his business model so there's more of an emphasis on hiring out Faith for romps, rather than have customers visit his house.

He says men who remain interested in a rendezvous with Faith will now have to meet at an agreed point rather than his home, to appease the neighbours.