Students across US walk out of school in anti-gun violence demonstrations

Maryland high school students at a high school walkout to demand stricter gun control laws.
Maryland high school students at a high school walkout to demand stricter gun control laws. Photo credit: Getty

Thousands of high school students across the US have staged walkouts to demand stricter gun control laws.

The "Never Again" demonstrations come after Nikolas Cruz allegedly shot and killed 17 people at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Valentine's Day.

More than a dozen people also were wounded in the deadliest shooting at a US high school.

Several hundred students gathered at Florida's capital Tallahassee to demand change from lawmakers on Wednesday morning.

Across the country students walked out of school in Maryland and some gathered outside the White House in support of the movement, holding up signs and chanting. 

Students also staged walkouts in Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky and Minnesota, among other states. 

"We want to show support for those who lost their lives and make sure that this doesn't happen again," one student from Cypress Bay High School, Broward, Florida told Local 10 News. 

Daniel Gelillo, a senior at Richard Montgomery High in Rockville, Maryland, helped organise part of the local protest. He wrote in a press release that students are taking to the streets because they've had enough of politicians' inaction.

"All people in this country, particularly children, should feel safe and should not live in fear of a gunman killing them in their school, place of worship, or a nightclub.

"We expect our leaders to do whatever is required to keep us safe. That has not happened."

However not all schools condoned the activism. 

The Houston-area Needville Independent School District on Tuesday threatened to suspend students for three days if they walked out.


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