Teen dies after 'bad constipation' diagnosis

Teen dies after 'bad constipation' diagnosis
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A teenage boy died less than 24 hours after being sent home by doctors who misdiagnosed him with just having a bout of bad constipation.

The parents of Jack Dunn from south Wales have spoken out about the misdiagnosis in April last year, claiming they believe if doctors did more tests their son might still be here today.

The 17-year-old was actually suffering from ketoacidosis, a condition which causes a buildup of acid in the blood. When his parents took him to hospital he was sent away with laxatives.

"He could barely walk," his mother says.

"He was in so much pain."

The following day, his father, Kieron Dunn, found him dead in his room.

While him struggling to breathe was put down to anxiety, it was actually "because his organs were closing down", Mr Dunn says.

"Finding my son dead in his bed was the worst moment of my life.

"He wasn't breathing and when I touched him he was ice cold.

"I tried to do CPR to save him but it was just too late.

"I believe Jack would be alive today if a few more simple tests had been carried out."

However a post-mortem report found while Jack was, in fact, constipated, ketoacidosis had also developed as a result.

It is not clear how far the life-threatening condition had progressed at the time of his hospital visit.


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