UK thief films herself draining lost EFTPOS card

A British woman has filmed herself spending someone else's money after finding a lost EFTPOS card. 

The anonymous thief filmed a series of short videos of her finding and using a contactless card from Lloyd's Bank before posting the clips to Instagram account @thestreetblogsuk.

After testing that the card worked at a supermarket in south London, the woman bought chewing gum and topped up her public transport card. 

She also bought herself some Nike tracksuit pants from active wear store JD Sports.

She cunningly kept her purchases under £30 (NZ$57), which is the limit for making a single purchase with a contactless card in the UK. 

Towards the end of the video the woman spoke directly to the camera with her face blurred out, issuing a warning to viewers.

"So this morning I found a square, spent all the money off of it. Now just don't lose the contactless cards guys, you have been warned. I am about."

Her shopping spree wasn't completely selfish - her last filmed purchase was a McDonald's meal and a bottle of water, which she gave to a homeless man.

"Bad deed for a good deed innit," the caption read.  


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