US fraternity caught in 'pig roast' fat-shaming sex game

A US University fraternity's vulgar pastime has been exposed after the Ivy League college carried out an investigation and published its findings.

Students, who were part of Cornell University's Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, founded and participated in a disturbing competition where points were allocated to those who slept with the most overweight women.

Tastelessly dubbed a 'pig roast', fraternity members would compete to bed obese girls and keep a tally of how many they had slept with. If there was a tie, the win would be given to the student who had sex with the largest woman.

New members of the fraternity were told not to notify the women about the competition.

In a report published on the university's website, the college explained the fraternity had been in violation of its code of conduct on two counts - one for hazing, an action that endangers the emotional or physical health of another student, and two for sexually abusive behaviour.

Zeta Beta Tau has now been placed on probationary recognition for two years, and will be forced to attend sexual violence and sexual assault awareness education classes.

In a Facebook post, Zeta Beta Tau denied knowing about or sanctioning the activity, adding that it was "in disbelief and even more so that these alleged actions may have been taken by those whom we called brothers".

It also said it would be ensuring the behaviour would never be repeated or tolerated again.