Who's at fault? Video of cyclist's crash prompts heated debate

Dashcam footage has captured the moment a Melbourne cyclist ran over an elderly man.

While some say the cyclist is at fault, others blame the pedestrian for not crossing at the lights.

Who's at fault? Video of cyclist's crash prompts heated debate
Photo credit: YouTube/Alan Dooley

The footage was uploaded to YouTube by Alan Donelly, who recorded it with his car's dashcam. It shows the man, who is in his 80s, navigating across two lanes of traffic stopped at lights on Racecourse Rd, a busy Melbourne highway, on Sunday.

As he crosses into the second lane he is knocked to the ground by a cyclist riding between the lanes who didn't see him. He was left with cuts and bruises, while the condition of the cyclist, who also fell, is unknown. 

Mr Donelly told Australian radio station 3AW that the cyclist was travelling at up to 20km/h, and that the force of the bike knocked the elderly man to the ground.

"The collision actually picked him up off the ground and slammed him into the deck."

He says the "sickening" footage shows the need for bikes to be registered so that victims of similar accidents can claim injury compensation. 

However the president of the Australian Cycle Alliance disagrees.

In response to Mr Donelly's remarks, Edward Hore says bike registration could discourage Australians from cycling. 

"There are a lot of uninsured, unregistered drivers on our roads," he told The Age.

"We should be more concerned about that."

Radio host Luke Bona chimed in on the issue, saying the man was at fault.

"He clearly was not crossing at a pedestrian crossing," he told Sunrise. 

"I reckon had he been, the cyclist would have been more cautious."

Neither the elderly man nor the cyclist was breaking Victorian law at the time of the accident.

Cyclists are allowed to travel through stopped or slow traffic, while pedestrians can legally cross roads more than 20m from an official crossing. 



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