Woman filmed drying underwear on plane air conditioning

Woman filmed drying underwear on plane air conditioning
Photo credit: CEN

A woman made the most of her downtime on a flight to Russia by drying her underwear on the plane's overhead air conditioner.

Passengers were puzzled but remained silent as the woman, flying from Antalya in Turkey to Moscow, unashamedly held her undies in the air for around 20 minutes.

The moment was been caught on camera, showing her flipping the briefs over every now and again to ensure they were fully dried.

Other passengers said she did not seem embarrassed by her unusual behaviour on board the Ural Airlines flight.

"Everybody was looking with interest and confusion, but everybody remained silent," one passenger said, according to the Daily Mail UK.

Unsurprisingly the video is doing the rounds online and it seems everybody has something to say about it.

Some people are defending her actions, saying it's not a bad way to multitask when you're confined to your seat.

"Those [underwear] aren't an adult's… looks like they belong to a kid," one commenter noted.

"This is not the worst thing in the modern world," another added.

But others suggested it may not have been the time - or the place - to get her laundry done.


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