Woman stops on busy Sydney M4 motorway after shocking crash

Woman stops on busy Sydney M4 motorway after shocking crash
Photo credit: Facebook/Mike Wearne

An Australian man has caught on camera the moment his truck rear-ended a car after a woman dangerously merged in front of him and then wandered out into the middle of a busy motorway.

Truckie Mark Wearne was travelling at 90km/h down the M4 in Sydney when the woman pulled in front of him and he hit her at speed, The West Australian reports.

Mr Wearne can be heard shouting in anger after the collision, but it's what happened after the crash that got him really fired up.

Instead of pulling over to the side, the woman stopped her car in the middle of the motorway and proceeded to get out of the car while on her phone.

Her young son can be seen in the vehicle.

Mr Wearne tells her several times to get back into her car and move to the side of the road, but she consistently ignores him and asks him for his licence details.

"Okay listen, excuse me, don't worry about that now - move your car," he tells her.

Eventually as cars pass on both sides Mr Wearne angrily shouts at her to move to the side of the road and she complies.

Mr Wearne posted the video to Facebook, saying while he didn't want to raise his voice he needed to as the woman simply was not listening.

"She and her little boy were perfectly fine. That was my main concern, especially toward the little boy," he wrote.

"Seeing her being taken to hospital, I'd get over it, but not the kid - that would destroy me.

"I make no apologies for yelling at her. It was a necessary evil."


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