Afghan woman breastfeeds while taking exam in viral image

Jahan Taab breastfed her baby while taking an exam.
Jahan Taab breastfed her baby while taking an exam. Photo credit: Yahya Erfan

An extraordinary photo has surfaced of a woman breastfeeding her baby while taking an exam.

Jahan Taab, 25, was taking an entrance exam for a private university in Afghanistan's Daykundi province when her two-month-old child started crying.

Undeterred, the aspiring student simply moved to the floor so she could nurse the baby while continuing to fill out the exam papers.

The lecturer supervising the test was so moved by the scene that he took photos of the mother and child, which he later posted to Facebook. The powerful images attracted have since attracted a lot of attention online.

He told CNN that Ms Taab has two other children and travelled at least six hours from her native village to attend the exam.

She passed the test and now wants to study in the university's social science faculty, but is concerned she won't be able to afford the fees.

British organisation the Afghan Youth Association has set up a GoFundMe for people to donate towards Ms Taab's education.