Aussie beer-lover swims in his collection of cans

A South Australian man has won the hearts of beer lovers across the country with his impressive collection of VB beer cans stretching back 15 years.

The lager lover, who hails from Moonta on the Yorke Peninsula, showcased The VB Shed in a series of remarkable YouTube videos.

During one of the videos, the mystery man can be seen almost swimming through the sea of green cans, believed to be made up of 30,000 aluminium tinnies.

The man, dubbed "VB's biggest fan", waves to the camera while puffing on a cigarette inside the pit, before asking: "How do I get out of here?"

A woman behind the camera can be heard commentating on the giant stash of VB empties, packed to the rafters in the wooden shed.

"It might have got a bit fuller since the last video but this is it, this is one man... 15 years of his most favourite beers," she says in one video.

"One man, tens of thousands of VB cans, this is it. Some guys call it the ultimate beer pit and they're pretty correct in saying that," she declares.

"If you didn't believe it before, believe it now. This is your dream beer pit, guys."

Thirty-thousand cans adds up to about a half-dozen every day for 15 years.

7 News / Newshub.