Baby found crawling in middle of busy New York road

The baby.
The baby. Photo credit: Facebook/Rn Jay

The moment New Yorkers found a baby crawling on a busy road has been caught on camera.

A man who goes by the name of Rn Jay on Facebook posted a video of himself and several others coming to the aid of the nine-month-old who can be seen lying in the middle of a road.

Many people stopped their cars to help when they saw the infant in Utica, upstate New York. While someone called the police, another picked up the baby to comfort it when it began crying.

The man who filmed the video then turned the camera on himself to voice his disapproval at the situation.

"Baby in the street, that's what we do in Utica now," he says. "That's what people do now, you feel me? Leaving their kids in the street."

At the end of the video a woman can be heard in the background saying, "That's my baby, that's my baby".

The Utica Police Department later released a statement saying they had charged the baby's mother with endangering the welfare of a child.

Ledrika Ford, 27, has three other children - all of whom have been removed from her custody.