Belfast boy refuses to give Prince Harry an Easter egg despite parent's bribes

Northern Ireland had its taste of the royal treatment when Prince Harry visited, and he learned a valuable lesson while there.

While visiting Belfast with fiancée Meghan Markle he learned royalty doesn't always come first.

Five-year-old Jude Campbell was supposed to give the prince an Easter egg when they met, but when it came time the boy was holding on tight to the chocolate, ITV News reports.

Luckily for him Prince Harry was quite alright with not sharing and told him he could keep it for himself.

Just before he moved on, the Prince had second thoughts and corrected himself to tell the boy he would have to give part of the egg to his sister.

Jude's parents had seen the problem coming even before the prince had arrived, his father even trying to bribe him into handing over the chocolate.

"I actually tried to bribe him," his father told ITV News.

"I said, 'I'll give you an egg twice the size, just give it to Prince Harry.'"


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