Blind man in tears after no one offers their train seat

  • 29/03/2018
London man Amit Patel and his guide dog Kika.
London man Amit Patel and his guide dog Kika. Photo credit: Twitter/Amit Patel

A blind man has shared an upsetting experience he and his guide dog had on public transport in London.

Amit Patel and his dog Kika, who frequently take public transport, boarded the designated disabled section of a busy train in Waterloo East on Tuesday (local time).

Despite it being quite obvious that he is visually impaired, not a single person stood up to give Mr Patel their seat. He was forced to stand against the train door while Kika became upset by the "slippery" floor.

The 37-year-old former doctor posted photos of "selfish" seated passengers ignoring him to his Twitter account, which he took with his 'Seeing AI' technology.

"Its [sic] so humiliating when I struggle to find something to hold onto & keep Kika safe at the same time," he wrote.

"This is when you'll see a tear running down my face."

He said he felt "useless" when his faithful guide dog became distressed and he couldn't help her.

Mr Patel, who went blind after suffering a haemorrhage five years ago, often shares his public transport struggles on his Twitter account.

In February, footage captured by Kika's guide dog camera showed an angry commuter ordering Mr Patel to move out of his way on a tube station escalator.

Recently, he tweeted that he waited at a bus stop for 20 minutes before a passerby told him the stop was closed.