Bookworm burglar worms his way into bookstore

Melbourne Police are appealing for help to catch a bungling burglar who broke into a bookstore.

"Melbourne CIU are investigating a burglary at a Melbourne book store last week. Probably not the nimblest burglar we've seen," detectives say on Twitter.

CCTV video that night shows the man worming his way into the closed shopping complex - with a few difficulties. Struggling not to spill whatever's in his cup, he pulls and heaves his way into the centre.

"Security footage shows the burglar struggling in the glass sliding door as it closes on his leg and back pack," Police say.

"Once inside the complex the burglar falls over on the escalator before climbing on a ledge to access stores on the lower level."

But the woeful burglar's travails didn't end there. He found a bookstore and smashed his way into the office.

"Once inside the office, unable to open an office safe, he lifts it in his arms and leaves the shop," Police say.

"Security footage shows the man, stumbling under the weight of the safe, walking out of the shopping complex into a rear laneway."