Brisbane man filmed attacking, choking boy he says 'bullied' his stepdaughter

Shocking cell phone video has captured the moment a man attacked a teenager after discovering the boy had been bullying his stepdaughter.

Footage supplied to 7 News shows the unnamed man yelling and pointing at the also unnamed 14-year-old boy before lunging and grabbing his neck, apparently strangling him.

Moments later the boy's friends intervene and attempted to break up the fight.

"Get the f**k off him, get off him," they shouted, before attempting to physically separate the pair.

They managed to drag the man off the boy, but the pair continued brawling as they were dragged away.

The Daily Mail reports the attack took place in The Gap, Brisbane at around 3:20pm on Sunday, March 3.

The boy has complained to police.

It's believed the man told police the teenager had been bullying his stepdaughter at school, 7News reports.

He has been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and will face court in on March 20.