Canadian 18yo scores lotto win, claims $1000 a week for life

A Canadian teenager reckons she's set for life after winning the lottery and securing CA$1000 (NZ$1075) a week for the rest of her life.

Charlie Lagarde, from Quebec, bought a CA$4 (NZ$4.30) scratchie on her 18th birthday, according to BBC News.

It ended up being a winner, and she was faced with an issue most young people dream of: whether to take the lump sum of CA$1 million (NZ$1.075 million), or take the weekly payments of CA$1000.

If she lives to 83, the average life expectancy in Canada, it means she'll have been paid up to CA$4 million (NZ$4.3 million).

"It's without taxes, so it's equivalent to a salary of more than $100,000 a year - it's a great start in life for that young lady," a Loto-Quebec told the Canadian Press.

Ms Lagarde will be 37 by the time she's gathered CA$1 million from the payments, and will have received more than CA$4 million if she lives to 83.

But did she make the right decision?

Even if she simply invested each CA$1000 payments, she would have more than $1 million more by the age of 68 than if she invested the lump $1 million sum - totalling CA$24.9 million instead of CA$23.8 million.

Either way, Ms Lagarde said she consulted a financial advisor before making her decision.

After the win, she told the lottery officials she plans to study photography and hopes to one day work for National Geographic.