Chance of Chinese space station hitting anyone in NZ 'very slim'

  • 28/03/2018

A Chinese space station is about to collide with Earth - but scientists say the odds of anyone being hit are slight.

In fact, it's estimated you're 10 million times more likely to be hit by lightning.

CBS 's Chip Reid spoke to space expert Dr John Logstan of Washington University who had a word of advice for everyone: relax.

He says the chances of the station hitting somebody on Earth are "very slim".

"It gradually slows down over time, and slows down and slows down until eventually it's not going fast enough to stay in orbit."

When exactly it will hit is unknown, but it could be in the next few days - possibly even on April 1, he says.

Christchurch is among a list of cities more likely to be hit by the Tiangong-1 module that is spiralling towards the Earth. 

In 2016, China admitted it had lost control of the 8.5-tonne module and was helpless to stop it plummeting through the atmosphere.