Cheeky penguins snap 'selfie' after finding camera in Antarctica

It was all caught on video. Photo credit: Australian Antarctic Division

The natural human response when spotting an unattended camera is to quickly grab it and snap a few selfies - and it turns out that's what happens in the animal kingdom too.

Two emperor penguins wandering through Antarctica were filmed up close and personal by a camera on the ice.

It was all caught on video, showing the two emperors waddling up to the unusual device in their territory and peering down at it.

One is particularly curious and can be seen stretching down until its beak is almost touching the lens, before stretching back up.

After posing for their selfie, the duo lift their heads and trill to each other, apparently celebrating a photo well-taken.

The camera belonged to expeditioner with the Australian Antarctic Division, Eddie Gault, after he left it on the ice while visiting the Auster Rookery near the Mawson research station.

"And it didn't take long for the naturally curious birds to seize the opportunity for a selfie," the Australian Antarctic Division wrote in a post accompanying the video, which was published on Tuesday.