Chihuahua gives birth to 11 puppies, possibly making a new world record

  • 29/03/2018
Laugh out Loud gave birth to 11 puppies on March 23.
Laugh out Loud gave birth to 11 puppies on March 23. Photo credit: Facebook/Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption

The caregivers of a Kansas chihuahua have been left shocked after she gave birth to 11 puppies, what is believed to be a new world record. 

The small dog, named Laugh Out Loud (LOL) gave birth on National Puppy Day on March 23, after a 12 hour labour, Fox TV reports.

Foster mum Jose Brown says "One came out, one more came out, two, three and four more came out". 

"She was still round and obviously there were more puppies in there."

The Unleashed Rescue Group, the shelter that rescued LOL, has been getting regular updates from the Browns throughout her journey.

"When we had about eight, we were like 'whoa, she's not done,' Danielle Reno of Unleashed Pet Rescue said.

"And then we got an update that we were at 10 and we about had a heart attack."

Guinness World Record is yet to confirmed if LOL has broken the world record. The last chihuahua to set the record gave birth to 10 puppies in 2011. 

The Guinness World Record for the largest dog litter is held by a Neapolitan mastiff called Tia who gave birth to 24 puppies in 2004. 

All of LOL's puppies were born healthy and in 10 weeks they will be ready for adoption.