Chinese waitress beaten by impatient customers in shocking footage

Video footage has captured the shocking moment a waitress was hit and beaten by disgruntled customers in China.

The shocking moment shows the waitress being hit in the face repeatedly by a group of diners, who were complaining because their food had arrived too slowly at their table, The Daily Mail reports. 

The incident happened in Tianxiake Chinese Restaurant in Hengyang, Hunan Province at 7:42pm on February 25, Beijing News reported.

One diner slaps the woman in the face while another female diner grabs the waitress's hair and beats her in the head.

Ms Li, the manager of the restaurant explained that her worker was telling the diners to be patient while the dishes were being prepared for their meals.

"The diners were angry and complained that they had been waiting for a long time. One man was telling another group of diners that the dishes were too expensive," she said.

A few other women then threw cups and dishes at the worker.

Ms Li says the waitress had been working in the restaurant for two years and was good at her job. 

The unnamed 48-year-old waitress was taken to a hospital for treatment but did not sustain any severe injuries. 

Ms Li had contacted police and Chinese authorities are investigating the incident.