Comedian raises over $270k telling Twitter users when International Men's Day is

Richard Herring.
Richard Herring. Photo credit: Getty

A British comedian has poked fun at men asking when their day of recognition is on twitter, letting them know it's November 19 and raising more than £143,000 (NZ$273,000) in the process.

Richard Herring spends each International Women's Day on Twitter responding to users accusing the day of being unbalanced.

International Women's Day was adopted by the United Nations in 1975 and is described as the focal point for the women's rights movement.

For those who are wondering, International Men's Day has been celebrated on November 19 since 1992. This fact appears to have missed some Twitter users, but Mr Herring was there to set them straight.

"You know if there was an International Men's Day we would completely take the piss. Even more take the piss," one user wrote.

"There is one. November 19th. And you haven't yet," Mr Herring replied.

"What rubbish. Where is international men's day..  Fed up of this women ..  Thing..  No equality ..  It's all one way," said another.

"It's on November 19th," Mr Herring replied.

In between the reminder tweets, Mr Herring promoted a JustGiving page he had set up for the Women's Refuge, eventually raising 143 percent of his goal.

In the fundraising page's description he pointed out how adversarial he found the attitude of those who question when International Men's Day is.

"Weirdly most of them only seem to care about this on International Women's Day, and when November 19th comes along they do nothing," he wrote.

"I think some of them think that there wouldn't be an International Men's Day. But there is one. It's on November 19th."