Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones says Obama in NZ to escape apocalypse

  • 22/03/2018

Alex Jones thinks Barack Obama is in New Zealand to escape from a planned "worldwide meltdown".

In a YouTube video entitled 'Former President Obama Sneaks Into The Globalists' Main Escape Base: New Zealand', the American radio host and well-known conspiracy theorist made some bold claims about the three-day visit.

He claimed he was told by a Hollywood producer some years ago that he and other billionaires planned to set up an "alternate government" in New Zealand, as well as in Tasmania and Hawaii.

Their reason for creating a Pacific haven is that, according to Jones, society's wealthiest people are planning a "total worldwide meltdown, civil war, mass starvation".

"You've got next year's news today here," he said confidently. "They know something you don't know, they got something planned for you."

He alleged "globalist elites" intend to destroy the United States within the next few years while they escape to isolated islands.

"I can tell you for certain that that's the main escape base," he said of New Zealand.

As evidence he cited several articles about wealthy Americans who have bought land here, including Peter Thiel. He also claimed Elon Musk has a place in New Zealand - though if the Tesla founder does, no one knows about it.

Jones said the fact that President Obama is visiting the country "with no fanfare and no speeches" is highly suspicious.

"[He's] meeting with community leaders, business leaders and the Prime Minister, and to work with the Obama Foundation. That means the Obama Foundation is building him an armoured fortress as an escape."

He posted the video to 'The Alex Jones Channel' after his network, InfoWars, was banned from YouTube for bullying and harassment.

Commenters seemed to agree with his hypothesis.

"This is actually making me nervous," wrote one viewer.

"WTF is he meeting with the Prime Minister? This is outrageous. He's supposed to go away... Or to prison!"

"Kim Dotcom better watch his giant ass if Barry is in the neighbourhood," remarked another.

"Globalists are in New Zealand buying up property," said one commenter. "So it is obvious what he is doing there."

The term 'globalist' is popular among members of the alt-right to describe members of a so-called shadowy conspiracy. It has been interpreted as a code word for Jewish people.

As well as his belief in a "globalist conspiracy", Jones also believes that several high-profile mass shootings were faked in what he calls "false flag operations".

He's a popular figure in certain circles, with fans including current President Donald Trump.