Couple upset by 'racist' note on Domino's pizza receipt

Couple upset by 'racist' note on Domino's pizza receipt
Photo credit: Facebook/ Amber Nasim

A couple was disgusted to find what they call an insensitive message written on their receipt at a US pizza joint.

Amber Nasim and her husband Wahajat ordered two pizzas, one with a special dietary requirement for Wahajat, from a Domino's store in Texas.

Ms Nasim said her husband has dietary requirements due to his Muslim faith, but when she picked up the pizzas she saw the note 'lady with the Muslim husband' printed on the receipt.

"When they handed me the pizza, they turned it around backwards to hide what they had done," she told local media outline KHOU.

"I saw them trying to hide it. I'm not going to lie, I flipped out. I started cursing and yelling and flipping them off."

She vented her frustration over the incident on Facebook and said, "this kind of hate and racism has to stop".

"I just want people to realise this is not OK."

A spokesperson for Domino's has since apologised to the couple and said the service was not acceptable.

"As a walk-in customer, we should have asked for her name and number to identify her order, which did not happen on this particular busy night," the spokesperson said.

"The team member involved has been reprimanded and feels badly about this incident."