D'oh! UK driver caught with Homer Simpson fake licence

The 'drivers' licence' in question.
The 'drivers' licence' in question. Photo credit: Twitter/Thames Valley Police

Fake drivers' licences are hardly unusual - but most don't include a picture of a cartoon character.

An unidentified motorist was pulled over by police in Milton Keynes, England, last week.

When asked for his drivers' licence, the man presented a joke document identifying him as Homer Simpson, the portly patriarch of beloved TV family The Simpsons.

The police officer at the scene was not amused, and the driver's car was seized. He was reported for driving without a proper licence, as well as driving without insurance.

Thames Valley Police posted a photo of the fake ID card on Twitter, which claims to be a UK licence - despite the fact the Simpsons family is American.

One Twitter user provided a screenshot of Homer Simpson's real drivers' licence, which shows that the counterfeit got several key details wrong.

The licence holder's address is listed as 28 Springfield Way, when any true fan would know that the Simpsons reside at 742 Evergreen Terrace.

The date of birth on the licence is April 4, 1963, while Homer Simpson's date of birth is May 12, 1956.

Lastly, the 'photo' of Homer looks as though it was taken when the father of three was in the middle of one of his signature 'annoyed grunts'. Clearly, this would not be an acceptable photo for an official drivers' licence anywhere in the world.