Dozens of homes destroyed in Aussie bushfires

Dozens of homes have been destroyed as firefighters battle bushfires in Victoria and New South Wales.

Hundreds of beef and dairy cattle were killed in the Victoria fires over the weekend, with around 40,000 hectares of land damaged and ten homes destroyed.

Firefighters worked overnight to battle the blazes, but Australia correspondent Jason Morrison told The AM Show it's even worse this morning.

"In the last few hours there's been essentially a third of a township wiped out in southern New South Wales."

He said around 35 homes have been destroyed in the small town of Tathra, and the number of deaths and injuries remain unclear.

"These towns often never recover from it," Mr Morrison said.

He says the Tathra fires look to have begun when power lines clipped each other. In Victoria, officials say most of the fires were started by lightning.