Driver caught FaceTiming while going 100km/h on motorway

  • 28/03/2018

An Australian woman has been caught red-handed using FaceTime while driving 100km/h on the motorway.

A video was posted to Facebook on Sunday, showing the young woman holding her cellphone in her left hand and steering with her right while driving on Perth's Mitchell Freeway.

"Can you see her FaceTiming?" a man can be heard asking in the clip.

As the person filming moves past the woman's car, the driver honks the horn to get her attention. She looks over and realises she's being filmed before putting her phone down guiltily.

"How long before she kills someone or herself!" the person who posted the clip wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post. "She definitely needs to lose her licence!"

He claimed the driver was travelling at around 100km/h.

Facebook commenters were quick to condemn the woman's behaviour, with some saying that using a cellphone while driving should be treated the same as drink driving.

Similar to New Zealand laws, it's illegal to create, send or look at a text, video message or email while driving in Western Australia.