Horse-faced thief in Rastafarian colours gets the munchies, robs Russian sauna

Welcome to Russia, where horse-faced thieves in Rastafarian colours break into saunas to steal snacks.

The intruder's bizarre antics were caught on CCTV at a sauna in the Russian city of Novocherkask.

It is unknown who the thief is, or why he was so oddly dressed. But the footage has proved to be a viral hit in Russia.

The video starts when the villain enters the building wearing a horse mask, a long wig of dreadlocks and a woolly hat in the red, gold and green Rastafarian colours.

He peers around cautiously as he surveys the empty building. He tries different door knobs - but they are all locked. Then, he discovers a fridge behind a counter.

There are snacks in it, and he throws his hands up in delight.

Stuffing his coat with food and drinks, he makes his swift escape - only stopping to steal a fire extinguisher on his way out.

The incident has left Russians bemused.

"It weird he was not looking for money and did not took the TV set or computer," Sanya commented on the video. "Maybe he was hungry or drunk?"