I'll fly to North Korea to help Donald Trump - Jimmy Carter

Former US President Jimmy Carter has offered to give incumbent leader Donald Trump a hand as he tries to navigate a tense situation with North Korea.

The 93-year-old told CBS' Sunday Morning he's willing to fly to North Korea if that would be of help to the US, and said he'd already been approached.

"Just this week, I had a representative from the White House who came down and gave me the latest developments with North Korea.

"I understand what they want and need."

Mr Carter said up until this point, Mr Trump had "reacted quite well" to North Korea's request to start negotiations - though he did criticise Mr Trump's belligerent rhetoric from last year.

Mr Carter has been involved in international affairs since his four-year term ended in 1981, and received a Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work.

Mr Carter estimated he'd spent approximately 20 hours of his life negotiating with North Korea, CBS reported.


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