Image shows moments after Florida bridge collapse as dust rises

A photograph taken moments after the collapse of a pedestrian bridge in Florida shows vehicles narrowly escaping the disaster.

Eight vehicles were crushed when the 950-tonne bridge, which covers eight lanes of traffic, collapsed at Florida International University in Miami.

At least four people have been confirmed dead, with an emergency response still underway.

In the picture, one vehicle is stopped at a red light before driving underneath the bridge, while several vehicles have just emerged from it.

One vehicle can be seen partially crushed under the bridge.

The image was uploaded to Twitter, but there is dispute over who took it.

Katarina Collazo was one of the people who narrowly escaped death. She was pulled from the wreckage of her car after the bridge collapsed and rocks crushed everything, except for the driver's seat.  

Ms Collazo was stopped at a red light, but occupants of the car beside her were not so lucky - it was completely flattened.